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Our department not only focuses on the traditional subjects, such as single-chip, computer, controlling, testing and other basic information science, in our medium/long term plan, we also emphasize on the higher technology areas of IC Design and Communication Engineering.

The Aspect of IC Design:

With the full support of our school and Ministry of Education , we have great growth on our courses scheming, faculties appointing, space manipulating and hardware/software expanding. And through our efforts in these few years, we create some characteristics on the software/hardware environment of VLSI Design:

  • The most number of faculties with VLSI related backgrounds
  • Actively participate in the educational reforms on VLSI
  • VLSI design laboratories are the most spacious
  • The most powerful EDA Computing Farm
  • The only university that had purchased the commercial version of EDA tools
  • The most completed EDA tools and measuring-equipped environment

The Aspect of Networks and Communication

We set up the DSP Lab in 1996 and it provides the environment of multimedia teaching and experiment for digital signal processing related courses. And for 4 years, we had received the subvention of “Communication Technology Education Reforms Plan” from Ministry of Education on four related courses: 1) Digital Signal Processing Practices; 2) DSP Chip Implementation; 3) DSP Signal Coding/Decoding Transmission Practices; 4) Digital Image Processing. Besides, we also had acquired the other subvention, about 1.5 millions one year, from Ministry of Education for four years. The plan was called “ The 3C-Oriented Electronic Design Automation Teaching Reforms Plan.” As a result, our communication related courses also make great progress as time goes on.

Moreover, our department applied to establish an IC Design and Application Development Center in 2003, and the application was accredited by Ministry of Education in the same year. The IC Design and Application Development Center emphasizes on investing the software/hardware of communication IC design; therefore, our department also actively set up the Antenna Measurement Lab and DAB Lab in the recent few years.